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Security has the highest priority. Modern telecommunications place very high demands on the functionality, flexibility and speed of a network and, above all, on its reliable protection against access and manipulation by third parties:

At any time - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year - and at any location!

In addition to managed firewalls and tokens, we also support you with topics such as proxy servers, anti-virus, intrusion detection, security hosting, security audits and security monitoring.

Managed Firewalls – protected and secure communication

Protection against unauthorized network access

To reliably protect your telecommunication network from internal unauthorized access within your Local Area Networks (LANs) as well as from external unauthorized access in the Wide Area Network (WAN), we equip your solution with firewalls. These security systems monitor and control all your data traffic according to defined rules. They allow authorized data traffic and prevent unauthorized information transfer.

Hand over the responsibility

mitcaps' comprehensive security concept includes the selection and use of the most suitable, most powerful and latest firewall technology. We guarantee you the latest software and the best possible configuration. Unauthorized network access is automatically detected, precisely logged by mitcaps and, if necessary, implemented in an extended defense strategy.

Firewall solutions from mitcaps are a dynamic solution that are constantly adapted - "managed" - as requirements for full functionality grow.

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Managed Token Service - no access without examination

The most secure protection against unauthorized access

To protect your network against unauthorized access from the outside, we use the ISO/IEC 27001 certified security system of the company RSA Security "SecurID".

The token is a type of electronic key that is only issued to authorized persons, e.g. in the form of hardware comparable to a USB stick or a smart card. The token generates a code with which each user of your network identifies himself together (first factor of authentication).

The use of the token alone does not protect against misuse by unauthorized persons. Thus mitcaps combines the electronic key with the user name and a PIN (second factor of authentication). Only when, in combination with the token, the name and password are also classified as "true" by the system, can the authorized person dial into your network. With this two-factor authentication, you protect your network from unauthorized access.

We manage the token service, you relax

The advantages of the "Managed" Token Service at a glance. We take over for you...

  • ...the technical design for your company and the central configuration.
  • ...the procurement of the tokens, regardless of the quantity.
  • ...the service availability according to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • ...the free exchange of tokens at the end of the operating period.
  • ...the secure handling in case of loss or theft.

Token forms:

Hardware tokens / Hardware tokens with USB interface / Tokens in credit card format / Software tokens for smartphones / Toolbar token / on-demand authenticator as SMS for mobile phone

To ensure that only authorized persons can use your telecommunications network, mitcaps offers you a Managed Token Service with particularly secure "two-factor authentication".

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SAFECOMM – Seamlessly encrypt data transmission

True end-to-end encryption

In order to be able to exchange your data with partners and customers securely and in encrypted form, we supplement your existing protective measures against unauthorised access and manipulation with the SAFECOMM security solution. Your business-critical data is encrypted end-to-end: completely secure! This simple and convenient solution encodes your data during the entire exchange with up to four security levels. SAFECOMM is "Made in Germany" and therefore legally compliant.

Both the content of your e-mails and the attachments are transmitted highly securely with SAFECOMM and the electronic communication channel is protected against attacks. The end-to-end encrypted data exchange is so simple that it is not even noticeable. Highly secure - immediately - worldwide.

With the SAFECOMM software solution, mitcaps offers you simple and end-to-end encrypted transmission and storage of large and business-critical files.

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