Cloud solutions for small and medium sized business

Scalable and flexible

SMEs are in the middle of the digital transformation. A lack of resources, a shortage of skilled workers, fast-moving technologies and reduced budgets are issues that SMEs are confronted with. In addition to a custom-fit IT infrastructure, a flexible cloud solution is essential to holistically meet customer requirements. mitcaps has the resources and experts and supports you both in selecting the best solution - whether with a private, public or hybrid cloud - and in choosing the right provider.

We advise you on the long-term cloud strategy and develop a customized solution for you to integrate into your existing WAN/telecom strategy. We work with leading cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud, among others. You need an agile network so that changes can be reacted to quickly, applications can be integrated flexibly depending on requirements and the whole thing is monitored centrally. With increasing demands for IT resources in digitalization, the requirements for security and availability are also increasing. 

With our experts, you get a "network construction kit" always with the highest standards of efficiency for the benefit and cost-effectiveness. 

Cloud solutions made by mitcaps - get a scalable and flexible solution from a single source.


The advantages of cloud solutions at a glance

Scalable to all locations, worldwide.

Short implementation times.

Highest security and performance.

Central Management.

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