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Open MPLS is the First Class in telecommunications. The cutting-edge technology is able to prioritize critical applications by Class of Service (CoS) and to classify traffic. IP packets are labelled according to their priority and transmitted via Label Switch Path (LSP). Each data traffic is defined and can be controlled. Certain data packets (voice, video conferencing, central applications) can be preferably transmitted by this. 

We provide a highly customized MPLS solution with carrier and cross-national end-to-end service guarantees for your company. This allows you to play it safe, to have necessary, but not needless capacities available in all areas of your network.

Maximum data rates with maximum speed, security and flexibility

VPN based on MPLS ... 

•  guarantees QoS, thus communication services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and video 
   conferencing can be integrated at any time.
•  is run completely shielded from the publicly accessible network.
•  is a flexible and scalable option to achieve secure, high connectivity. 

Do you want to know more about Open MPLS? We are pleased to provide you some detailed information!

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