Security is given top priority

Your Virtual Private Network (VPN) is well protected against the unauthorized access by third parties (eavesdropping, unauthorized access, copying, manipulating). You may be rest assured at any time that only the communication partners pertaining to your private network may share information and data with each other or have been authorized by you to use them. 

IPsec ensures: 

•  Authorization and Authentication
   Only authorized persons may get access to your telecommunications network or parts thereof under a clearly
   assigned ID (identification). Unauthorized entry, fraudulent use or sabotage are excluded.

•  Data Integrity
   All transmitted data in your telecommunications network remains unchanged during the transfer. It
   is safe from any tampering.

•  Confidentiality
   Only authorized users can read the data, which is intended for them. No one else has access to it.

Do you want to know more about IPsec? We are pleased to provide you some detailed information!

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