This is really safe

We use the ISO / IEC 27001 certified security system "SecurID" of the company RSA Security. What does this mean in detail?

The token is a type of an electronic key, e.g. in the form of hardware that is comparable with an USB key or a smart card, and will only be given to authorized persons. The token generates a code with which each user of your network identifies himself (first factor of authentication).

Since just only the use of the token does not protect from any misuse by unauthorized persons, mitcaps combines the electronic key with the user name and a PIN (second factor of authentication). Only if also name and password of the system have been classified together with the token by the system as being correct, the person authorized may dial in your network.

So you can just sit back

We call our security service "Managed" Token Service, because we organize, i.e. "manage" everything for you:

•  the technical design for your business and centralized configuration. 
•  the procurement of the tokens regardless of the number.
•  service availability in accordance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
•  the free exchange of tokens at the end of the operating period.
•  the safe handling in case of loss or theft. 

Token types:

•  Hardware Token
•  Hardware token with USB interface
•  Credit card sized token
•  Software token for smart phones
•  Toolbar Token
•  On-demand authenticator for the mobile phone as SMS

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