Information in Real Time

The network infrastructure is one of the most critical elements in any corporate strategy. This requires IT departments to proactively monitor all relevant components: No one can afford to ignore a problem. At the same time, the company needs thorough analyses to be able to take decisions as quickly as possible. That's a great challenge for the IT manager. mitcaps provides you with the network monitoring software of op5 information in real time.

 The advantages of the Monitoring Software are compelling:

•  User-friendliness to quickly use relevant data.
•  Scalability and high availability to be able to quickly integrate all data sources. 
•  Redundancy through a component-specific, but centrally managed monitoring to ensure high data quality. 
•  Reporting to provide customized reports for different users in the company. 
•  Extensions are possible. 

As a certified partner of op5, mitcaps supports you in the conceptualisation, dimensioning, implementation, as well as in solving problems in daily operation.

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