Ensuring workforce in the MINT- field! mitcaps awarded once more as MINT Minded Company


For the second year in a row, mitcaps receives the MINT Minded Company Award. With this label, Audimax MEDIEN honors employers for their MINT-commitment.
CEO Wilfried Röttgers is convinced, talents can shine brighter with their theoretical knowledge by gaining practical experience in companies. He sees himself and the whole company responsible for supporting young talents in the fields of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology (MINT):”There is a war for the best interns and we invest a lot of lifeblood in the education of our talents. We are delighted to receive this award for our work.”
As a medium-sized company we need to support in a different way and we have to take motivating as well as inspiring actions. In the mid-sized market, employees need to be more flexible and creative. Within, there are “old virtues and values” important such as diligence, discipline, quality, reliability and responsibility paramount to the company. mitcaps tries to support all-round talents and shows them a vast spectrum in the fields of their competences. Smaller and interconnected departments at mitcaps compared to large corporations offer the possibility for working cross-functional to be able to gain many company insights. Only with a sustainable education starting at day one, mitcaps obtains the required highly skilled personal.
The aim beyond the award is it to “make a mark in the corporate culture in German companies and to underline the position as a role model of a responsible company.”, explains Audimax MEDIEN GmbH who is the award’s main initiator. In doing so, a general public is addressed to show which companies have a special motivation for MINT-talents.
After being awarded as “Attractive Employer Rhineland-Palatinate” in December 2017, this MINT Minded Company label is another confirmation.

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