Maximum Cost-Benefit-Transparency

In the Service Level Agreement (SLA), we give you a detailed description of content, quantity, quality, metrics, and costs of our services – and this is broken down into all areas of your business or branch offices. By this, you get a high degree of transparency of cost and benefits from the very beginning. 

To check whether your current telecommunications solution is adequate also in the future, our SLA also includes mandatory periodic reviews. Every 12 months, we check your network infrastructure for the correct fit or its need for improvement. By this, we pass again, if necessary, the six service steps to become successful (see also our VNO Concept): Starting with a thorough analysis of a possibly necessary re-design of your solution, its implementation up to the subsequent holistic support.

How you save ready cash with us

This way of thinking and acting in cycles assures you up-to-dateness telecommunications services. We work for you according to clearly defined rules. At any point, you can check our services in detail. As solutions of mitcaps are always exactly fixed and negotiated with external carriers and service providers based on the best value for money, you get an optimum, which saves you even more ready cash. We call it: The all-round carefree package!

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